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Welcome!  My name is Jacob Lee and I am the Principal Consultant of Hedgehog Consulting.

Hedgehog Consulting specializes in workshops that help individuals and organisations develop better thinking and learning capabilities.

These skills are even more needed today as we are confronted with pervasive and profound changes and disruptions that affect not just our work but also our personal lives.

In a stable and predictable world, we can identify what is best and what works and keep on doing it.  It is all right even if we do not understand the whys and the wherefores.

This is no longer true of the volatile and complex world in which we live today.  Yet, in the midst of all this turbulence and profound change, we may actually find tremendous opportunities…if we have the capability to spot them and to capitalize on them.

This means we will need to continually acquire new skills, knowledge and attitudes (mindsets) if we are to survive and thrive in such a world.

The capability to learn and to think critically becomes ever more important.  Learning is no longer an option that is separate from work.  Learning will become a major part of work.  Not just at an individual level, but also at an organisational level.

Hedgehog Consulting facilitates workshops on Systems Thinking, Mental Models, Change Management and Organisational Learning.

These workshops are intended to develop capabilities to help us not just to survive, but also to thrive in turbulent times!

And these changes will also affect all of us personally, in profound and sometimes dramatic ways too.  Our livelihoods and families will likely be affected in some way or other.

So in order to thrive in such turbulent times, we need to understand these emerging trends.  Then we need to master tools and strategies to help us prosper.

I will be putting down my thoughts and observations about what is happening in our world today in my blog.  In particular, what the emerging trends are, and how these emerging trends not only affect us at a national and corporate level, but also at a personal level.  And I will discuss strategies and tools needed to capitalize on the opportunities that emerge too!

If you are:

  1. a professional who is concerned about your career and future;
  2. or if you represent a corporation and would like to keep abreast of what is going on in the crazy world so you can do your job better;
  3. or if you are a small business owner, or if you intend to start a small business/home business;

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